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The waterfall of Cabreia and Sever do Vouga

In this tour we visited the Hill of Nossa Senhora do Socorro in Albergaria-a-Velha, met in the Valley of the Caima River, old water mills, and visit the fantastic Cabreia cascade, one of the most beautiful of Portugal. We've gone through Sever do Vouga and met one of the most beautiful and high stone bridges in Portugal, Santiago well.

From the combined place, we leave for the Outeiro bridge over the Rio Novo do Príncipe, and it is by rustic way, passing under the railway bridge and towards Angeja we are to know why this small section of the Vouga River be known by this name.

Passage Angeja and views of the Storks, Pelourinho and Matriz church, we continue to the Mount of Our Lady of Socorro, where you can find, in addition to peace and pure air, a panoramic view over practically the entire Ria de Aveiro, which on days good, it's breathtaking.

We follow the path towards the Valley of the Caima, where we stop to see one of the most beautiful places of this river. You can feel the freshness of the water, or let yourself be absorbed only by the landscape of how beautiful it is. You can also find traces of ancient water mills, as well as a beautiful stone bridge.

We leave the Valley of the Caima and advance to the waterfall of Cabreia. The rugged terrain and the strong flow of the Mau River gave rise to a great number of natural waterfalls in this area, of which stands out the Cascade of Cabreia, which with its 25 meters and under the watchful eye of great Chestnut trees and Carvalhos, is a place of rare natural beauty.

After leaving the waterfall, we passed Sever do Vouga and we descended to the Vouga river with a stop under the monumental bridge of the Poço de Santiago, a brand image of Sever do Vouga. Its 28 meters high give it the status of the highest and one of the most beautiful stone railway bridges in Portugal. Maybe if you enjoy the bridge and even under it the couple of elusive otters, it gives us with your presence.

- There is no minimum number of participants, the minimum amount to be charged corresponding to 2 adults.
- Children up to 12 years 50% discount.
- Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents.

Full Route
240 Min
1-3 pax: 45€
4-7 pax: 37,5€
Itinerary:1 - Outeiro Bridge;2 - Angeja;3 - Senhora Socorro Mount;4 - Caima River Valley;5 - Cabreira Waterfall;6 - Bridge of the Well of Santiago;7 - Return by Mouquim;