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Half-Day Tours

It is not because of the distance of the places that we need noon for these Tours, the reason is because there really is much to see. We reinforced the Tour with a mid-day snack, with a taste of local produce.
The waterfall of Cabreia and Sever do Vouga
Since 37,5€ pax
240 min
In this tour we visited the Hill of Nossa Senhora do Socorro in Albergaria-a-Velha, met in the Valley of the Caima River, old water mills, and visit the fantastic Cabreia cascade, one of the most beautiful of Portugal. We've gone through Sever do Vouga and met one of the most beautiful and high stone bridges in Portugal, Santiago...
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The Pateira de Fermentelos and its Rivers
Since 22,5€ pax
120/240 min
In this tour we visited the largest natural lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula, part of the Ria de Aveiro, has a rare beauty and with a variety of unique flora and fauna, a real Enchanted...
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The Bairrada and the Alliance Underground Museum
Since 32,5€ pax
240 min
On this route we visit the renowned Underground Alliance Museum, touring its huge cellars and where we can enjoy 8 different art collections. We go through great vineyards, and also some natural beauties of this...
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