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The Ship Museum and the dunes of Gafanha

En este recorrido visitamos el Jardín Oudinout en la Gafanha de la Nazaré donde se encuentra atracado el Barco Museo Santo André. Conocemos algunos de los actuales trabajos de la ría, y en el Largo da Bruja apreciamos las fantásticas vistas sobre la Costa Nova. A continuación avanzamos por la Mata Nacional de las Dunas de Gafanha antes de llegar a la Colonia Agrícola.

We leave the point of origin towards the Garden Oudinout. You can visit the Santo André Ship Museum, or just let yourself be dazzled by this place.

After leaving the Ship and after passing the Coastal Fishing Port, we pass by the oyster and clam shellfish, soon followed by the Witch Square where we guarantee to have the best panoramic view of Costa Nova. It is also in this place that we can appreciate the works of the mariscadores of the ria, as well as the well-known marina with the same name of the wide.

We then proceed through the interior and traditional streets of Gafanha da Encarnação, before arriving, through a small rustic route, to the Agricultural Colony where we learn a little more about this particular area of Ílhavo, as well as the history of its afforestation and the area where it is inserted, with the name of National Forest of the Gafanha Dunes.

Full Route
120 Min
1-3 pax: 27,5€
4-7 pax: 25€
Quick Route (Without visiting the Ship Museum)
60 Min
1-3 pax: 15€
4-7 pax: 12,5€
Itinerary:1 - The Santo André Museum Ship;2 - Oysters and Clams Nurseries;3 - Witch Square;4 - National Forest of Gafanha Dunes;5 - Ílhavo Agricultural Colony;