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The Salinas of Aveiro and the River Prince

On this route we visit the salt mines and the old Aveiro lobster, before heading off for a fantastic stop at Cais de Esgueira. We visit Rio Novo do Príncipe where we get to know its history, and then we advance to the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro.

We left the point of origin and advanced to the Navy Troncalhada to know the salinas and learn more about the production of salt. Soon after, we met the old fisherman, and we went along a rustic way, some navies still in operation. Next we know the beautiful building of the Environmental Interpretation Center, as well as some of the old shipyards of Aveiro.
We pass by the stadium Mário Duarte and we advance to the renovated Pier of the Ribeira de Esgueira where we stop for short trip to the bird watching station. Passing through the towns of Mataduços and Póvoa do Paço, we proceed to the fallen bridge of the Rio Novo do Príncipe in the town of Vilarinho, where we find out why this small route of the Vouga River has this name.
We start towards the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro passing through Sarrazola and Cacia. In Tabueira and before the visit to the Municipal Stadium, we passed the picnic park (another corner of the thousands that exist in the Ria de Aveiro) and we know the old Quinta da Condessa de Tabueira, where the former head of government of the so-called Estado Novo to go on vacation.
- Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents.
- There is no minimum number of participants, the minimum amount to be charged corresponding to 2 adults.
- Children up to 12 years 50% discount.

Full Route
120 Min
1-3 pax: 25€
4-7 pax: 22,5€
Itinerary:1 - Old Fish Marketplace;2 - Ambiental Municipal Interpretation Center;3 - Esgueira Riverside Pier;4 - Fall Bridge Rio Novo do Príncipe;5 - Tabueira Mills Park;6 - Municipal stadium of Aveiro;