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The Costa Nova Beach and the Aveiro Lighthouse

In this tour we visit Praia and Farol da Barra, as well as Costa Nova Beach and its colorful striped houses. We also know the history and the most emblematic places of both beaches.
Course under consultation during the months of July and August.

Departing from the point of origin towards Praia da Barra, we pass by José Estevão Avenue of Gafanha da Nazaré. At its end we can see the Commercial Port and the Coastal Fishing Port as well as the Jardim Oudinout and Ship Museum Santo André. We can also enjoy a fantastic view over the Bridge and Barra Beach. After passing the bridge and before arriving and stopping at the Lighthouse, we walked the circular of the ria to the Miradouro and site of the old Bridge that gave access to Praia da Barra.

Arriving at the lighthouse we can admire this beautiful construction that, from the top of its 66 meters, makes it the highest Portuguese Lighthouse and the second highest Lighthouse of the Iberian Peninsula. We walk along the beach behind the lighthouse to the small wall of the Barra entrance and perhaps we are surprised by a large ship entering one of the ports, or small trawlers who rush to unload their fish.

We left for Costa Nova, a short way but a lovely beauty. Despite being a narrow strip of land between the estuary and the sea, which in certain places is no more than 200 meters, it is here that we can observe some of the most beautiful houses of Costa Nova, before passing through the beautiful Marina, Palheiro do José Estevão and admire the well-known striped houses. We then pass the Costa Nova Market, and after walking through Rua da Bela Vista, known locally as Rua do Meio, we stop at the new Cais Criativo, where we can admire the Mother Church as well as the fantastic view over the sea.

- There is no minimum number of participants, the minimum amount to be charged corresponding to 2 adults.
- Children up to 12 years 50% discount.
- Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents.

Full Route
120 Min
1-3 pax: 25€
4-7 pax: 22,5€
Quick Route (One of the beaches or fast turn by both)
60 Min
1-3 pax: 15€
4-7 pax: 12,5€
Itinerary:1 - View of the old bridge;2 - Boca da Barra;3 - Costa Nova Beach;4 - Costa Nova Creative Wharf;5 - Costa Nova Fishermans Neighborhood;