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The Cod and the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo

In this tour we visit the renovated Maritime Museum of Ílhavo. The Cod fishery, the estuary of the Ria and the Aquarium of Bacalhaus are some of the references of the Museum. We will visit places of Ílhavo with a strong connection to fishing, then the Cais dos Bacalhoeiros, the Ferry Boat Pier, and the Commercial Port, located in Gafanha da Nazaré.

After the collection at the agreed place we left for Ílhavo. We begin by appreciating the architectural exterior of the award-winning Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and it is inside that we are sent back to other times, when brave and brave men withdrew by force from the human hand the much-sought Cod, alone in the little Dori on the high seas. A real visit to the fishing past, followed by a visit to the present and the fantastic aquarium of Bacalhaus where we can observe in all its splendor, this magnificent fish.

We left the Museum through the center of Ílhavo and passed on Avenida dos Capitães, where it was customary for old seagoing captains to build their houses. We continue to the fishermen's neighborhood of Ílhavo, before arriving at Nazaré Gafanha's Wharf of Bacalhoeiros, where the intense smells of the ria, the movements of the shipyard, and the current ships of the high seas make us live a truly unique experience. In the old droughts we know the ancient history of potatoes with Cod flavor.

Other Pier other views. We continue to the Ferry Boat Pier, which at constant crossings reduces the current approximately 60 km, which is by land San Jacinto, a mere 1000 meters of water. It is also of this dock that one has the best panoramic view on São Jacinto, as well as of the entrance of the Bar and the Farol. You can also see from here the ships and works of the Commercial Port.

Museum Closed on Monday, only a quick tour is possible.

- There is no minimum number of participants, the minimum amount to be charged corresponding to 2 adults.

- Children up to 12 years 50% discount.

- Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents.

Full Route
120 Min
1-3 pax: 27,5€
4-7 pax: 25€
Quick Route (No visit to the Museum)
60 Min
1-3 pax: 15€
4-7 pax: 12,5€
Itinerary:1 - Maritime Museum of Ílhavo;2 - Emblematic places linked to Fishing;3 - Cod fishing Boat Pier;4 - Old dried codfish;5 - Ferry Boat Pier;