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The art xávega and its beaches

On this route we visit Vagueira and Areão  Beaches known for their Art Xávega, to learn more about this art. We are surrounded by the Mira Canal and we know the typical Gandaresa house, so particular of our region.

After collecting at the agreed place we will advance to Vagueira Beach, a trip always surrounded by the Ria that transmits an unparalleled peace and beauty.

At Vagueira Beach we know Art Xávega and with luck we see it live *. Once again we see the sea and the beach, from the top of the bridge and if time is right and understand, we invite you to walk to the wall or if you find it short, to the Beach of the Labrego where the inexistence of construction makes this course truly unique.

We then leave for Areão Beach, we cross a narrow strip of land between the estuary and the sea, free of construction and with unparalleled beauty. It is no wonder that in our passage several hundred seagulls rise, many of them flying beside us as if they were following us. Arriving at the beach, of the few of the region where the human hand touched little, we see the ancient haystacks of the fishermen as well as the fleet of the Art Xávega of this Beach.

On the way out of the beach and past the Mira Channel, perhaps a couple of otters, and usual in this place, gives us their presence before we reach Gafanha do Areão. From the main street we will visit this Gafanha and Boa Hora, where we can visit several examples of the traditional Gandaresa house, as well as appreciate the peculiar architecture of this area and the contrast between the small and poor houses of the places, and the large and ornate houses of the emigrants meanwhile returning from working life abroad.

* This fishing is subject to the conditions of the sea and time, and its observation depends on the time chosen for the course.

- There is no minimum number of participants, the minimum amount to be charged corresponding to 2 adults.

- Children up to 12 years 50% discount.

- Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents.

Full Route
120 Min
1-3 pax: 25€
4-7 pax: 22,5€
Itinerary:1 - Vagueira Beach;2 - Xávega Art;3 - Areão Road;4 - Areão Beach;5 - Rustic Way;6 - Gafanha da Boa Hora;